Avoid costly mistakes through Improving realtime anticipation on situations.


Improve spatial awareness of his/her working environment.



Groundhandler® is a digital training tool for (airport-) ground handling-personnel.

Groundhandler® provides a realistic, immersive and interactive environment in which the user can explore their (future) work environment on their mobile phone or tablet.


Groundhandler® strengthens cognitive skills through gamefied exercises, improves safety-awareness through tight integration of all mandatory safety regulations, and spatial awareness of his/her work-environment by exploring a realistic 3D environment.


Groundhandler® functions as a helpful addition to the official courses. Through a playfull user experience it is known that people learn better and improve their cognitive abilities.

The system also functions as a tool during onboarding process of employees. They will be better prepared, have a better understanding of their future environment, and are more motivated.


The main focus is EXPLORE and EXPERIENCE. It has been proven that the user learns more, memorize better and improve their cognitive skills, during playful experience as opposed to absorbing textual information.

In Groundhandler® the user can take on different functions/jobs, which have their own procedures, safety-measures and specifics to take into consideration.

While exploring the user will be confronted with an array of situations related to safety, efficiency and damage-control, and has to choose the correct procedures to continue.

The situations are optionally paired with in-depth information, multiple choice questions, and/or small quizes.